Engine 2413 –  Is a 2002 Toyne with a 1,000 gallon tank and a 1,500 gallon/minute pump. This pumper is equipted to respond to structure fires as well as to all MVAs.

Medic 2412 – Is a 2004 McCoy Miller Ambulance and serves as our secondary response unit for EMS calls. It is equipted with advanced life support equipment as well as a 12 lead monitor with telemetry.

Medic 2422 – Is a 2012McCoy Miller Ambulance. This is our primary response unit for all EMS, MVA, and rope rescue calls. This Advanced Life Support Unit carries a Lifepak 12 Cardiac Monitor, a full compliment of on-board and portable ALS equipment.

Tanker 2418 – Is a 2008 HME pumper tanker. It has a 3000 gallon tank and 1,500 gallon/minute pump. This pumper/tanker is the first out primary response vehicle on all structure fires.   The department was able to purchase this grant with the help of an assistance to firefighters grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Engine 2423 – Is a 2015 HME equipped with a 1,000 gallon tank and a 1250 GPM Hale pump.

2437  Is a 2015 Polaris 900 EFI, this vehicle is equiped to handle off road rescues and fires and has a honda pump with a 50 gallon tank om board.

2467  Is a refurbished Jeep CJ7 4×4. This unit was rebuilt to handle to the rough terrain in our Township. 2467 is a dual-purpose vehicle, serving as a Grass Fire Unit with an 80 gallon water tank, Honda pump and small diameter attack lines. It also serves as an off-road rescue unit for Rope Rescue incidents, equipped to carry out patients immobilized in Stokes Rescue Baskets.